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Section 7 of the Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act (Pa Code 25, §72.22(h) provides an exemption from the permitting requirements of §72.22(a) in very limited circumstances when a new residential dwelling will replace a previously existing residential dwelling when the Township determines that the following requirements have been met:


bulletThe size (sewage flows) and use of the new dwelling are the same or less than those of the previously existing dwelling.


bulletThe new dwelling will be occupied and in use within one (1) year from when the previously existing structure was last occupied. Or, the existing dwelling will be demolished within one (1) year from the start of construction of the new dwelling.


bulletThere is a confirmed, functional, and lawful on-lot sewage disposal system located on the property.


bulletThis exception does not apply to any property where there is an active investigation or complaint filed with the municipality concerning the functioning of the sewage system.


This exception does not allow the existing sewage system to be repaired or modified in any way whatsoever.  This exception allows ONLY a connection to the existing system.  A Sewage System Repair Permit will be required if repairs or modifications to the sewage system are desired or required.


In order to confirm that the site qualifies for the above-mentioned permit exemption, the property owner shall allow for a brief inspection of the site. (An inspection fee is required)


This inspection will include:


bulletThe Owner must located and uncover the septic tank and then call the Sewage Enforcement Officer to schedule a time to inspect the system.


bulletA dye test may be conducted to determine if any direct discharge from the tank is occurring.  A water supply must be made available.


bulletThe septic tank must then be pumped empty prior to approval.


bulletIf the lot is served by a privy, the privy must be upgraded to meet modern regulations.


Should the site not meet any of the above regulatory or inspection requirements, a Sewage Permit from the Township will be required and an approved sewage disposal system shall be installed as required by §72.22(a) of the regulations.

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