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Cold Weather Concrete Pours

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Cold weather concrete:

When any of the following conditions exist for more than three consecutive days cold weather concrete precautions must be taken to insure proper curing of the concrete: 

·        the average daily temperature is less than 40°F from midnight to midnight,

·        or the average temperature is less than 50°F for more than half of any 24 hour period



bulletLow temperatures slow down curing time which results in lower compressive strength early in the curing process.
bulletThe colder it gets the longer it takes to cure.
bulletOur staff has observed contractors over the last several years continuing to do site preparations and concrete pours in considerably less than ideal weather conditions, such as freezing temperatures and snow. Our staff realizes in today’s economy this is a necessity. It is not our intention to prohibit work in these unfavorable conditions, however many contractors are not taking some basic precautions to protect the concrete from freezing.
bulletResources for these guidelines have been taken from The American Concrete Institute, Concrete Foundation Association, local concrete suppliers and Accu-Weather.

Good Practices:

bulletAvoid adding water to concrete on the job to make it “flow better”. The more water you add to concrete the more likely it is to freeze. Generally speaking, for every gallon of water per yard added to concrete at the site, you lose at least 200psi of strength.
bulletWhen ordering concrete from your supplier, tell them to add pozzolith or pozzutec product, or a similar non-chloride additive. Chloride additives have a corrosive effect on re-bar and must not be used.


bulletDo not pour concrete on frozen ground or have ice on the forms or on re-bar.
bulletPoured concrete foundations have a minimum compressive strength of 3,000lbs. at 28 days and must be air entrained between 5% and 7% by volume when poured in cold weather.
bulletWhen pouring concrete for footers and poured foundations, from November 1 to March 15, you are required to have blankets on site at the time of the inspection in order to cover the concrete.
bulletThe forms may be removed, but poured exposed foundations must remain covered, and no foundation coatings may be applied, for at least one week after pouring the walls.
bulletSlips from the concrete supplier must be provided at the foundation inspection in order to verify strength, if air-entrained, date poured and additives.
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