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Electrical Service Upgrade/Repair

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The Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code does not require a Building Permit for the repair or upgrading of residential electrical service equipment. (A permit is required for all non-residential work).

However, the electric utility company will require that a qualified, state certified, Electrical Inspector check the work prior to re-energizing the service.  Jones Township provides this service in all municipalities that do not specifically require a building permit for this type of work by special ordinance.

All persons considering work on an existing electrical service should first contact their power supplier and make arrangements to disconnect the power supply.  Both Allegheny Power and Penelec will provide you with a work request or DR number. United Electric and Tri- County Rural Electric typically do not.   Each power company has certain requirements that must be followed. It is very important to contact them prior the the start of any work.  Click on your power provider above to learn more.

When a date is set with the power company, please call and schedule an inspection.  Phone number: 814-929-5138 or 781-3663. 

All electrical work must comply with both the power company regulations as well as the 2005 National Electrical Code.  If you have never installed or performed work to an electrical service, we would suggest that you contact our office and ask questions or arrange for a site meeting to prevent any problems from arising.

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