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Guidelines for Building Alterations

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Guidelines for Building Alterations






The following information is required to be provided with and attached to the building permit application by using a set of construction plans, drawings and/or construction blueprints.  TWO (2) SETS OF DRAWINGS AE REQUIRED


Construction drawings and/or blueprints MUST be drawn to a scale of at least ΒΌ -inch equals one (1) foot and include the following information:


A.     A detailed drawing showing the front, rear, and side exterior elevations of the proposed structure indicating the size, type of construction, and location of walls, doors, window. 

     Photos of existing exterior elevations may be submitted to show elevations.


B.     Detailed architectural floor plans of each floor indicating the proposed construction showing dimensions and locations of all rooms, walls, columns, beams, floor and ceiling and fire-rated assemblies.  Dimensions of all exterior and interior walls and hallways, windows, and door openings must be included.


C.    Identify the name and use of each room.


D.    A complete design of the electrical, plumbing, and heating/cooling layout.  Dimensions of all exterior and interior walls, windows, and door openings must be included.


E.     When the alteration involves the addition or alteration of restrooms, doorways, or other items required to meet the accessibility requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the plans must include detailed drawings indication compliance with ICC/ANCI A117.1 (Accessible Building Requirements)



If plans or applications do not contain the information above in sufficient detail, the Building Official may reject them as incomplete.



Detailed construction drawings are not required if the building is a manufactured dwelling (a mobile home, modular or other type of off-site built home). However, certification from the manufacturer that the structure meets the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards must be provided. Plan drawings for these buildings must include foundation and/or pier construction details. 



NOTE:  As with most any construction project, plans and ideas will change as the construction progresses.  Please base the construction drawings on your plans at the time of applying for your Building Permit.  The Building Official must approve all changes and modifications to your approved plans PRIOR to the actual construction of the proposed change.



        Following the review by the Township Staff, Jones Township must review and act upon a complete Building Permit Application within 30 days of receipt of a complete package or within such additional time as the applicant and municipality may agree to in writing.  Following municipal approval of the application, a Building Permit will be issued.

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