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All of the above forms and documentation must be submitted to:

Mr. Russ Braun, Building Official


P.O. BOX 25

WILCOX, PA 15870

Before You Apply  

           We suggest that you sit down with your contractor or architect and discuss just exactly what your building plans are.   You or your contractor or architect must prepare a set of plans or drawings indicating exactly what you are planning to build.  It is very important that these plans contain all the required details when submitting them to Jones Township for review.  Incomplete plans can add weeks or even months to getting your Permit Application approved.

The Borough requires a valid Sewer and a Pa. Uniform Construction Code (UCC) Building Permit prior to the installation or construction of any new dwelling, including mobile homes, or other structures utilized as a recreational cabins.In some instances, a State Highway Occupancy Permit must also be obtained from PennDOT prior to constructing a new driveway entrance to a state maintained road.


               McKean County Stormwater Management Permits are now required for certain construction activities involving land development or earth disturbance activity that may affect stormwater runoff.  The extent of any required stormwater plan is dependent upon the area of impervious area created as indicated by the following chart:

New Impervious AreaApplicant Submission Requirements
0 SQ FT < 1000 SQ FTNo Plan Required
>1001 SQ FT but < 2500 SQ FTSmall Project Application Required
>2501 SQ FT but < 5000 SQ FTVolume Control and Small Project Application Required
>5001 SQ FTPeak Rate Control, Volume Control, and Small Project Application Required

Municipal Contact Information:

Kane Borough Business Office: 112  Bayard Street, Kane, PA 16735


Fax: 814-837-

Township Secretary: Laurie Feldbauer

All codes, permit applications, and guidelines are subject to change. Please contact the Jones Township Office for information on your specific project at: 814-929-5138.

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