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Permit Application Submittal Guide

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Permit Application Submittal Guide





The following information is required to be provided with and attached to the building permit application by using a set of construction plans, drawings and/or construction blueprints.  TWO (2) SETS OF DRAWINGS AE REQUIRED


Construction drawings and/or blueprints MUST be drawn to a scale of at least ¼ -inch equals one (1) foot and include the following information:


A.     A detailed drawing showing the front, rear, and side exterior elevations of the proposed structure indicating the size, type of construction, and location of walls, doors, windows, foundation walls and footers. 


B.     Detailed floor plans of the proposed construction showing dimensions and locations of all rooms, position of smoke detectors and a complete design of the electrical, plumbing, and heating/cooling layout.  Dimensions of all exterior and interior walls, windows, and door openings must be included.


C.    When wood framed floors, walls, and roofs are used, the drawings must indicate the type, size (2x4, 2x6, etc) and the spacing of all joists, studs, beams, and trusses. 


D.    When engineered building products are used, a copy of the installation instructions as well as the ICC Evaluation Service Report for each product must be submitted with the construction drawings.


If plans or applications do not contain the information above in sufficient detail, the Building Official may reject them as incomplete.



Detailed construction drawings are not required if the building is a NEW manufactured dwelling (a mobile home, modular or other type of off-site built home). However, certification from the manufacturer that the structure meets the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards must be provided. Plan drawings for these buildings must include foundation and/or pier construction details. 


Applications for USED MOBILE HOMES must contain drawings indicating the required foundation / pier construction.  Please call the Building Inspector at 814-929-5138 for additional guidance concerning used mobile home installation.



NOTE:  As with most any construction project, plans and ideas will change as the construction progresses.  Please base the construction drawings on your plans at the time of applying for your Building Permit.  The Building Official must approve all changes and modifications to your approved plans PRIOR to the actual construction of the proposed change.



        Following the review by the Township Staff, Jones Township must review and act upon a complete Building Permit Application within 15 days of receipt of a complete package or within such additional time as the applicant and municipality may agree to in writing.  Following municipal approval of the application, a Building Permit will be issued.





Information about your property is required and will be used by the Township to determine if the proposed project complies with local land use regulations.  This section also requires that certain information listed in the application be plotted on a plan that includes the project and adjacent areas.  Some of the information required can be found in land surveys, tax maps, topographic maps, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) floodplain maps and National Wetland Inventory maps. (Some of this information is available at the Township office.)


The plot plan should be of a sufficiently large scale to show the development area and adjacent areas so that the plotted items can be easily identified.  The plan is required to show the following:


         a.   Lot lines and the size of individual lot of the proposed construction. Show the relationship of the construction boundaries to those of the currently existing lot. 


          b.   Locations of existing and proposed adjacent streets, roadways and access roads.


c.      Existing and proposed rights-of-way.  Proof of legal recording of a right-of-way may be required when the right-of-way is necessary for access to a Township or State owned road.


d.      Existing and proposed drinking water supplies (wells, reservoirs, etc.)


e.      Location of existing buildings. Location of the proposed construction as well as the location of all other existing buildings and structures located on the property.


          f.   Indicate the dimensions of the proposed construction project. Show the relationship of the construction to that of any currently existing structures, if any.


         g.   Any future or existing onlot or sewerage systems, pipelines, transmission lines, etc. which may impact the use of an onlot septic system. Show the location of proposed sewage system or sewer taps.


         h.   Floodplains and floodways.  As with wetlands, these areas should be plotted on the plan as they are shown on Federal Emergency Management Agency flood plain mapping.


          i.   Location of proposed driveways or other access to a State of Township road.


j.    Location of surface water (ponds, lakes, streams, and wetlands) on the lot or adjacent to the proposed construction. Please note that if streams or wetlands are present, the applicant may be required to obtain permits for any construction activities such as encroachments (fill, roads, utility lines) or obstructions (bridges, walls, piers) in, along, or across the wetlands and/or streams. 


k.  Location of any underground utilities, both existing and proposed.


If available, indicate the house number along with the street or road name assigned to this property under the 911 Rural Addressing Program. If a 911 house number has not yet been assigned, please contact the County’s 911 Coordinator at the County Courthouse for this information.

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