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Jones Township
P.O. Box 25. Wilcox. PA 15870
Municipal Building - 814-929-5161
Secretary's Office - 814-929-5138
Fax - 814-929-5967

In addition to the Township's Subdivision or Zoning Ordnance, The Pennsylvania Dept. Of Environmental Protection (D.E.P.) will require that a Planning Module be completed.
This Planning Module will require:
•1) Soils testing (perc. tests)
•2) A plot plan prepared by a registered surveyor.
•3) If the subdivision will be served by city water, a letter from the water company stating that it will serve the development.
•4) Approval from Twp. Supervisors.

The D.E.P. may charge a fee of $35.00 per lot (remaining acreage is counted as a lot) to review a Planning Module.

Persons who are considering subdividing property within Jones Township must have each proposed lot tested to determine if the soils in the new development will permit the usage of onlot sewage systems.

Step 1: The developer should prepare a brief sketch of their subdivision plans. When putting your ideas together please refer to Figure # 1. [When areas of the subdivision are found to have unsuitable soils or site conditions, lot lines may need to be changed to eliminate these unsuitable areas. For this reason, it is recommended that the developer have all of the proposed lots tested for on-lot sewage before having the plot plan (survey) done.]

Step 2: The developer then contacts the Sewage Enforcement Officer (SEO) to do the necessary soils testing. The first step of this process is the examination of a deep soil probe pit on each lot. You will need to have a backhoe on site to dig these pits. This part of the test can usually be done at any time of the year. It is best to dig these pits when the SEO can be present so that several areas of the lots can be tested at the same time. Many lots have areas that are unacceptable and this saves both time and expense.

Please note: Before any excavation can take place the developer must place a call to the Pa. One Call System, Inc. at least TEN days prior to testing. The phone number is 1-800-242-1776. This system will locate any underground utilities in the area. When this call is made a verification number is given to you. This number may be required before any lot will be looked at.

Step 3: When a suitable area is found at each lot, a percolation test will be done at each site. Perc testing can only be done when the air temperature is above 40 F. To do the perc test the developer must dig six holes at each site at a pre-determined depth that is based on the pits dug earlier (usually 20 inches). These holes must be 6 to 10 inches in diameter and be 15 to 20 feet from each other. Please refer to Figure # 2.

A minimum of 50 gallons of water and about 20 pounds of fme gravel or sand must be provided by the developer at each site a perc test is to be done. Failure to have the necessary materials at the site may result in delays and additional expense to the developer.

After soils testing is completed the developer should contact a registered surveyor to do the required Plot Plan. Also at this time the local utility companies should be contacted to determine if any construction will be necessary to serve the development.

The developer and their surveyor should contact the townships municipal office in order to comply with any Subdivision Ordinances.

After the SEO has completed the soils testing you will be notified by letter of the results.

If a question arises, please contact the Jones Township Office at (814) 929-5138 prior to doing anything in order to facilitate prompt handling on your subdividing planning.

Updated June 07, 2010 - Requirements subject to change.

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